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Sunshine Citrus Lush

A dairy-free version of all day i dream about food's Keto Lemon Lush (her recipe can be found here)

I had wanted to make a delicious and light layered dessert for Easter Sunday that I could enjoy and not feel deprived while everyone else enjoyed their delicious sugar-laden desserts. I have been avoiding dairy and gluten as well as sugar on my Trim Healthy journey lately, so I decided to create my Sunshine Citrus Lush dessert which I am lovingly calling the "Million Dollar" Sunshine Citrus Lush as dairy-free alternatives, gluten-free blends, and sugar-free ingredients can tend to add up, but this dessert was worth every penny! It isn't every day that I indulge in an elaborate dessert like this, so I felt it was worthy of the splurge!


I started with the lemon curd recipe in the Trim Healthy Indulgence Cookbook (get your copy here)

Then I began swapping out ingredients from all day i dream about food's recipe of Keto Lemon Lush and made my own crust based off of the crust recipe in the Trim Healthy Indulgence Cookbook for lemon bars.

Next, I made the cheesecake layer using my dairy free substitutes as labeled in the recipe below and added it on top of the chilled crust.

I then layered the lemon curd filling on top of the chilled no bake cheesecake layer and placed back into the fridge while I made the whipped topping.

Finally, I made the whipped topping as instructed and spread it over the chilled lemon curd layer. I garnished with strawberries for a decorative effect. Just look at those luscious layers! This dessert just screams sunshine to me!

See the full recipe below. I truly hope this dessert brings a little sunshine into your day! Enjoy!

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