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Do you find that some days just call for a crossover? I do!

If you are someone who wants to stay committed to being on plan but have a hankering for an indulgent and creamy pasta dish that won't destroy your waistline or make you feel guilty for indulging in an off-plan meal (although there is nothing wrong with having an occasional off-plan meal), then this dish is for you!

I have been in a season of needing to be dairy free, so I have been getting creative in the kitchen to create yummy dishes that are on plan and won't leave me feeling dissatisfied. That is how this yummy pasta skillet recipe was born.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Look at all that "cheesy" goodness! No deprivation here!

This is the pasta I used for this dish. My blood sugars respond very nicely to this pasta because it has ample amounts of protein and fiber to help blunt the rise in glucose. Check out this handy guide to measuring dry pasta for a serving size HERE


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