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Welcome to Balanced and Nourished Living

This is a home for all who desire to have a better understanding of how to manage their glucose in a balanced and nourished way. If you would like to read some of my recent newsletters and sign up to receive future newsletters with education, freebies, recipes, and more, you can visit this link. Balanced and Nourished Living Newsletters

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Meet your certified GG Pro
  • 8 Week Package

    One-on-One Accountability Coaching Package
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Access to a 7+ year THM Veteran
    • 30-minute initial Consultation
    • Private Text via Telegram App for daily accountability
    • 15-minute weekly discussion via phone
    • Free enrollment in Four Seasons each month in session
    • Sample menus (optional)
    • Recipes (as needed)
    • Additional Resources (per client's needs)
    • Meal prepping tips
    • Optional renewal at the end of initial session
  • 4 Week Coaching Package

    Same features as the 8-Week pkg for an easier monthly payment option.
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • See the 8-Week Coaching Package for details!
  • Four Seasons Membership

    Every month
    M-F daily accountability via Mighty Networks Group
    • Monday - Friday food reviews via Mighty Networks Group
    • Feedback on how to tweak meals for better blood sugar
    • Daily content to keep you engaged in general health/wellness
    • Education via live discussion on Zoom once a month w/Replay
    • Monthly Menu
    • 5-day Bible Study to kick off each month and put Christ 1st!
    • Journals and Resources to keep you focused on your health
    • Fun quarterly challenges with prizes
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Meet Coach Amanda

If you are like me, finding ways to enjoy balanced and nourished living while enjoying food freedom has not always been easy. I have talked with many other women who have desired to find the balance between keeping blood sugars stable while still enjoying foods and not feeling deprived. I have been on my own journey of learning to live the balanced and nourished life as I manage my pre-diabetic blood sugars to avoid complications from metabolic dysfunction. Through implementing the simple strategies I have learned, I have been able to lower my A1C to 4.8, lower my cholesterol to a normal range, as well as shed 23 pounds. I have learned some exciting ways to enjoy foods while maintaining balanced blood sugar with simple tips and tricks that help nourish the body and the soul. There is no deprivation or elimination of whole food groups. I can help you find the balanced and nourished life you are looking for! 

Meet some of my clients

Client Testimonial
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See my own personal results after one year following the same protocol I recommend to my clients!

The Results are In
Find out if you are experiencing glucose spikes

Free GLP-1 Guide 

Want my free Natural GLP-1 Guide with a menu to help you increase your GLP-1 hormone naturally?
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